How I almost quit smoking.

If you have never smoked tobacco, good for you. If you have, and especially if you were heavily addicted and have quit, I am in awe of your resolve. Awhile ago I quit. It was more out of lacking tobacco money than wanting to stop, or be healthier, or not stink. it was one of the worst weeks ever. The first day wasn’t bad. the second I was very edgy. By the third day I was tired, utterly depressed and could not think of anything except how I might get a cigarette. After a few days of just sitting around being miserable I went to the basement and found a nice little piece of cherry wood. With saw and drill I fashioned a pipe. I took a screen from an old faucet and put it in the bowl to keep chunks from going into my mouth. Then I went out below the back porch where I knew I had thrown a lot of cigarette butts. I started collecting stinky sometimes a little muddy or soggy butts and emptying any tobacco left in them into my homemade pipe. It was heavenly. I collected a lot of these and emptied them into a little container to let the tobacco dry out a little. I started thinking about how many butts there must be in the world and how I could smoke forever even if I had no money. It was all very pathetic. I finally bought some tobacco. I tried to tell myself that some people are just supposed to smoke, that tobacco is my true friend, that it is my religion. But I knew I was lying to myself and that it is just an addiction. I decided that I don’t want to be addicted to anything. So now I am slowly reducing my smoking, day by day. I smoke the equivalent of about two cigarettes a day now and I know I can succeed in quitting, just not cold turkey. That method is for the birds.

tree4 tree2 tree1 Sepulchral Wood

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